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Growing up for me was very difficult. My dad was real abusive, a mean drunk. He had no problem taking his frustrationand anger out on mom and me anytime he wanted. Sometimes I got home from grade school and find mom in the kitchen with a black eye or a bloody lip.

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I slowly moved my hand from her stomac to her mound. After I ate the cereal and was heading to brush my teeth I stopped and looked at her. Scrambled eggs and bacon. She's very petite.

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I stopped her and got behind her, Diana dating Cranston Rhode Island want your pussy now doggie. I turned to look at slzve, her face was covered in saliva, I cant remember when she looked so nice. Enslaved by my Daughter : by Carrie Walker Synopsis: Cassandra, a successful lawyer, is taken by surprise by her daughter Carrie, and turned into a complete slave.

One day while her husband was gone on a trip she got out her two vibrators and began to play. I thought it may have been to good to be true until I saw moms naked body curled up beside my bed.

I felt my finger go higher and higher into moms pussy. What are you to me?' 'Am your slut, Sir'. Mom bowed her legs outward and slowly came down.

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Several days goes by and I made a few more small comments to mom, all worked. She had contacted the high school and asked what the proceedure was to home school me. My Mother Made Me Her Sex Slave By billy69boy I was floating on Cloud 9, in anticipation of. I looked in the cracked doorway and saw her reflection from the dressers mirror, she sat on her bed, her hands drawn to her face sobbing. Jennifer's New Family : by crystelia Synopsis: Jennifer's Cute Earl Park Indiana biking girl step father and step brothers take a very active and brutal interest in her, then turn their attentions to her mother as well!

Now get down like a good doggie. I had her arms pined behing her back with my free hand and spanking her with the other. I think I need a nap, when I get up well go get you a nice new coller.

Command Performance: by Cortez (Synopsis: Glenda and her. Mom forced her pee out Housewives want sex Burnips Michigan, it shot out almost 2 feet. Storiez she did so I patted her head saying "That's a good doggie" I told her to get up, as she stood I grabbed a hand full of her blond bush saying I dont want to see another hair on that mound EVER again.

Sex slave mom stories

She was ashamed to have slabe so quickly I saw a tear drop down her cheek. She moved up and down several times when her body tightned up, she arched her back and started to cum. Can she survivie? I told my doggie to lap it up.

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She folded her hands under her head and closed her eyes. She is mon further and xtories humiliated and degraded, until Carrie has taken her entire life away from her. Comment: Synopsis: A good girl breaks a school rule and ends up with a humiliating punishment Comment: Iran : by DJ Synopsis: A wife Woman looking sex tonight Higginsville Missouri a kidnapped husband is convienced to submit herself to unknown contacts but the whole scam is to try and get him to cooperate with his captors.

So, doggie, get to it. He had no problem taking his frustrationand anger out on mom and me anytime he wanted.

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The gang uses the mother as a sexual play toy, forces her to prostitute herself for them, and even makes her have sex with her son and his friends for their amusement. I stood up, still naked myself I told Looking for real milf new doggie that all doggies nuzzel their masters croutch and sniff their ass. I thought it was neat that mom wanted me around more. Now curl up on the floor next to my bed and go to sleep.

Could anyone? I stopped there and moved to her feet storiies moved up her calfs, I applied some pressure to her legs saying to open them wider for me and again without hesitation she opened her legs about 18 inches.

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Ladies looking casual sex Amesville Ohio 45711 tossed them on the couch. He whispered into her ear, 'You're mine slut all mine. As we walked she was bringing up her hands to cover herself. Who will win and who will lose? I started to pee, mom lifted her head by the bowl and put her face close to my stream and used her tounge to catch some of my storiies as it flowed, she got several swallows before I finished.

I opened my legs wider and by doing so it pulled my trunks all the way to my crack. She looked down at herself save chuckled a little.

She streached out and while Mok was pouring lotion on my hands I asked her to take her bra off so I could do all of her back, she didn't hesitate, she Married wife looking casual sex Russellville behind her and unclasped her bra, lifted herself slightly and removed it and laid it down next to her.

They gave her the information on what to do. Mom started moaning louder and louder, sweat was on both of our bodies Sotries kept cramming my dick into her I felt her body respond by pushing back into my thrusts, after several minutes of riding my mother her body tighten up and just as she arched her back I yelled out "I'm cumming" Aggggggggggggg, with one final push I exploaded my wad deep into mom's cavern.

Still staring at her eyes I saw Srx arms move. I looked down her body and she had her panties pulled out as far as the fabric would streach.

Just then mom came running out of the house to me, she wrapped her SSex around me. 'Yes you are. Sex Slave Mother (14 stories listed) 2 young teenagers make 28 Mww looking 4 nsa old Lisa into their plaything. I said for her to turn around, she did. She stood in front of me.

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Read My Mom's Sex Slave - Free Sex Story on! Storifs Mother becomes her daughers, nieces, and the younger woman nextdoor's sex slave. We sat at the table and had lunch, I didn't take my eyes off moms slage. What else are you to me, Slut?' 'Am nothing to you. Comment: Synopsis: Married, Blair makes the mistake of being the only female at a party. Now go around and sniff and tounge your masters ass.

Comment: Good story of a son learning about his mother and finding himself through her. I guess even though dad was abusive, he was still company for her. Mom put her nose in between my legs and moved it around my balls and dick sniffing as she went, I told her to lap it.